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Boxtops! Won't you please help raise money for Collier by saving BoxTops?? Just cut out your Boxtops and tape them on a collection form. Students should return their completed collection forms to their teachers to receive new, individual and class prizes. Every boxtop counts and we are counting on you!
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Monday, August 11, 2014
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BOXTOPS: It is a new day for Box Tops at Collier Elementary.  We will be holding a drawing each quarter.  Your name will be entered for each box top sheet that you turn in.  The more you collect, the higher your chance to win!  We will have 2 winners per quarter.  Prizes will include movie passes, LaserZone Laser Tag, gift cards and more!  Help our school raise money and have a chance to win fun prizes.  Make sure your name and teacher’s name are on each sheet.  Start collecting, clipping and attaching your box tops today!

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