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Study Skills
My Education Success- Improving Study Skills

This site has tips for parents to help improve study habits at home.

Study Skills for Children with ADHD

This article is geared toward ADHD children, but the tips are great for all students.

Time Management
Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Managing Study Time

Staying Organized

Helping Children with ADHD Succeed at School

15 Study Tips for Kids with ADHD

ADD/ADHD Parenting Tips

Parenting Strategies for ADHD Children

Grief and Loss
Tips on Helping Kids Deal with Grief

How to Help Your Child Grieve

Article on Helping Children Deal with Grief and Loss

Test Taking Tips for Parents and Students

Community Resource- Family Counseling
Life Lines Counseling Services

The Carpenter's House, P.C.

AltaPointe Health Systems

Catholic Social Services

Christian Counseling Professionals

The Centre Counseling Services

Community GED Resources
Local GED Centers

Goodwill Easter Seals GED Program

Bishop State's GED Program

Drug Testing & Counseling
Drug Education Council

Do you suspect that your child may have been exposed to drugs? The Drug Education Council offers voluntary anonymous juvenile drug testing.

Other services offered by the Drug Education Council are: Idividualized and Family counseling as well as Small Group Counseling.

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