About The School  

Collier Elementary

School Motto Focused on Tomorrow
Through Learning Today
School Mascot Busy Bee
School Colors Blue and Yellow/Gold

Mission Statement

The mission of the Elsie Collier Elementary School community is to cultivate the academic, social, and emotional growth of each child. We will strive to produce educated, responsible, and self-confident learners who are ready to embark upon a life-long journey of learning. As a caring community of citizens, parents and educators, we will empower every student to pursue future success by educating them today in a safe, stimulating environment that accommodates children’s diverse needs and challenges them to achieve.


1. Student’s academic, social, and emotional growth is the chief priority of our school.

2. Teachers, parents and community share the responsibility of challenging each child to become a confident, self-directed, life-long learner.

3. All children, though different and distinct, are equal.

4. Cultural diversity and individualism enhance our environment.

5. Children should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to accommodate their different needs and learning styles.

6. Continuous improvement is essential to the success of our children, school, and community.


The dream of a new elementary school for students who attended the multi-building and portable city Baker Elementary campus began with the establishment of a building program by the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners in 1996. It included a “New Baker II” which opened as Elsie Collier Elementary School in Fall, 2001.

Miss Elsie Collier began her teaching career at the old Baker School in 1936 after teaching part of a year at Citronelle. She taught at Baker for 13 years, transferring to Mertz and later to Westlawn. In 1960, Miss Collier opened the new Orchard Elementary School where she remained as principal until her retirement in 1978.

Miss Collier was known for her ability to make children feel good about themselves. Children were routinely seen in the Orchard office signing the “Goody Book” and picking out a favorite flavored sucker. The rocking chair in her office held Miss Collier and many a child with “tender feelings” as she reassured the frightened and nurtured the needy.

Miss Collier was adept at recruiting some of the best educators of the time, and these same educators held an immense loyalty to Miss Collier and Orchard School. These fine teachers were always on the cutting edge of curriculum issues and many advanced to other supervisory and administrative roles following “basic training” with Miss Collier.

Elsie Collier Elementary School opened in 2001 with a reputation for high academic achievement, an invitation for strong parent and community involvement, an outstanding faculty, and a goal of nurturing children in a happy environment. Miss Elsie Collier would be proud!