School Events
9/18/2014 to 10/6/2014
•  FAIR TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Order FAIR tickets now through Oct. 6th. Your purchase of tickets through our Media Center helps raise money for new books!
Recurrence: Daily from 9/18/2014 to 10/6/2014
•  Students have just 4 days to achieve their AR Reading goals!
•  Students have just 3 days to achieve their AR Reading goals!
•  Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for students to achieve their AR Reading goals!
•  Future of Public Education; Hosted by State Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Bice. Parents, Students, Educators and Community Members are invited to find out about the future of public education in Alabama. Baker High School, 6-7 p.m. with Q & A from 7-7:30 p.m.
Time: 6:00 PM
•  Last Day for students to meet their 1st Quarter AR Reading Goal !

September is Attendance Awareness Month!

We need all Collier students to

be on time and have 100% attendance!



Be a part of Collier's Caring School Community!                                        

Gulf Fair Tickets are now on sale through our Media Center!  The last day to turn in a ticket order is OCT. 6th.  Tickets will be delivered during the week of Oct. 13th.  Your purchase helps raise money for new books for our library!  Thanks for your participation!

Young Rembrandts - The Power of Drawing! Our new program, Young Rembrandts is now underway. Our budding artists are learning to use lines and shapes to produce works of art. The Young Rembrandts class is led by Mrs. Higgins. Visit the Young Rembrandts website to view all of the drawings done by Collier's students.

Firefighter Kent Landsberg visited Collier! Collier's students were given a safe opportunity to practice the skills needed to escape a burning building during PE classes. Firefighter Kent brought a "fire house" to simulate a burning building. Students practiced moving through the building to safely escape.   

Benchmark eBooks - We now have access to a wonderful assortment of ebooks! Click on the Benchmarck Link to log into our available eBooks.   
Student Username:  AR # Password:  collier

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct: Students will be bringing home this document. Please review this information with your child. There is a penalty regarding student bullying and harassment that all parents should refer to under B and C type behaviors. Please discuss this with your child. Please be part of Collier's caring community!   

PTA orders due by Sept. 6th! Collier's PTA will be placing an order for sweatshirts ($12) and jackets ($20) on Sept. 6th. Parents may pick up order forms from the office. PTA also has Spirit Shirts ($10) and Collier Logo Shirts ($10) for sale. Any later orders are not guaranteed back in time for cold weather.   

Boxtops! Won't you please help raise money for Collier by saving BoxTops?? Just cut out your Boxtops and tape them on a collection form. Students should return their completed collection forms to their teachers to receive new, individual and class prizes. Every boxtop counts and we are counting on you!